Russell Ranch Field Day 2010

The 2010 Field Day at Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility took place on Tuesday, June 22.

Tim Hartz Presentation

This year, the day began with remarks from ASI Director Tom Tomich, who provided an overview of Russell Ranch and ASI.

Next up was a field tour, where Cooperative Extension specialists, UC Davis faculty, post-docs and graduate students presented results from their current research projects.

The day wrapped up with the grower panel – a discussion on the pros and cons of drip tape, with participation from farmers John Meek (JH Meek and Sons), Rick Martinez (Davis), and Scott Park (Park Farming Organics).

For a run-down on the grower panel, read this blog post.

Below is a list of the field tour presentations, along with some additional information.

Irrigation management

Dr. Tim Hartz (CE, Plant Sciences)
Adoption of drip irrigation by the tomato processing industry
For an introduction to drip irrigation in processing tomatoes, Dr. Hartz recommends this article (opens as PDF).

Dr. Guihua Chen (postdoc, LAWR)
Irrigation management/scheduling via soil moisture sensors
To find out more about this topic, you can look at Dr. Chen's poster here (opens as PDF).

Felipe Barrios (graduate student, LAWR)
Tomato cultivars and water use

Greenhouse gas emissions

Dr. Martin Burger (Research Manager, Russell Ranch)
Annual greenhouse gas emissions in wheat and tomato systems
There's more on greenhouse gas emissions studies on our Russell Ranch page.

Dr. Van Ryan Haden (postdoc, LAWR)
Yolo County greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, power generation, industry, transportation, and commercial and residential sources

Gina Garland (Plant Sciences)
Nitrous oxide emissions from biochar amended soil
You can find out  more about this presentation by reading this handout (opens as PDF).

Weed Management

Dr. W. Tom Lanini (CE, Plant Sciences)
Organic herbicides
You can read the handout from Dr. Lanini's presentation here (opens as PDF).

Legume Crops

Dr. Steve Temple (CE, Plant Sciences)
Unconventional legumes for sustainable farming systems
Find out more information from Dr. Temple's presentation here (opens as PDF).

Pollination Ecology

Dr. Neal M. Williams (Assistant Professor, Entomology)
Ecology and evolution of plant-pollinator interactions

Soil Microbiology

Emma Torbert (post-graduate fellow, Russell Ranch)
Microbial diversity as affected by management
For more on this topic, read this handout (opens as PDF).
There is additional information on soil biology research on our Russell Ranch page.

 Field Day has a history of providing growers, students, lawmakers and the public with information about research results and new initiatives at Russell Ranch, which is part of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis.

Russell Ranch projects are funded by the USDA via California Dept. of Food and Agriculture; California Air Resources Board; California Energy Commission; and the USDA Organic Agriculture Research and Education Initiative.