Anne-Marie Izac


Natural Resources and Environmental Scientist

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Anne-Marie Izac, a natural resources and environmental scientist, is a specialist in sustainable agriculture in developing countries. Her PhD is in environmental and natural resource economics (University of Western Australia) and she earned a M.Sc. in environmental sciences and an MA in environmental and natural resources economics (Washington State University).

She held academic posts in the USA and Australia, teaching economics and conducting research on natural resources management and policy issues with a focus on agriculture. She has been the Director of Research of an International Agricultural Research Centre (ICRAF) and of a French Agricultural Research Centre (CIRAD) with a mandate to work in developing countries.

She currently is the Chief Officer of the Alliance created by the fifteen International Agricultural Research Centres of the Consultative Group in International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). She was a lead author in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Nutrient chapter) and a coordinating lead author in the International Assessment of the Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (global chapter on Policy). She has been an advisor on sustainable agriculture to the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences.

She serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Sustainable agriculture, and on the scientific board of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform of the agribusiness sector. She is the Vice-Chair of the Global Environmental Change and Food Systems Programme. Her publications focus on the interface between economy and ecology and the management of the natural resources and eco-system services for enhancing the sustainability of tropical and sub-tropical agricultural systems.