Cover Crop Research and Education Summaries 1994-1996


San Benito County cover crop trials
Richard Smith

Release of Nitrogen from a leguminous cover crop and the subsequent utilization by bell pepper
Richard Smith et al.

Non-leguminous cover crops in cool-season vegetable crop systems
Louise Jackson and Lisa Wyland

Phacelia, Lana woollypod vetch, and Austrian winter pea: Three new cover crop hosts of Sclerotinia minor in California
Steven Koike et al.

Alternative to soil fumigation: Sealing soil amended with cover crop residues containing biotoxic volatile compounds
James Stapleton

Evaluation of three control measures for Verticillium wilt in processing tomatoes: Sudangrass cover crop, field corn, and metham
Gene Miyao and Mike Davis

In-field insectaries for vegetable crops
Bill Chaney

Suppression of yellow starthistle by subterranean clover, mowing and grazing
Craig Thomsen et al.

Changes in soil water depletion in winter-fallowed and clover-cropped soils
Jeff Mitchell et al.

A cropping systems approach to improving water use efficiency in semi-arid irrigated production areas
Jeff Mitchell et al.

Cover crops for saline soils
Jeff Mitchell

Summer-grown sudan grass as a substitute for deep tillage preceding processing tomato production
Gene Miyao et al.

Nonleguminous cover crops to reduce nitrate leaching in vegetable cropping systems
Louise Jackson et al.

Straw and cover crop management in rice production
Stuart Pettygrove et al.

Summer and fall cover crops for annual rotations
Mark Van Horn

Preliminary survey results: The status of cover cropping in annual crop rotations
Anne-Marie Ridgley

Cover cropping in Ontario
John W. Potter

Sustainable Agriculture Farming Systems Project (SAFS)

Evaluation of five cover crop species or mixes for nitrogen production and weed suppression in Sacramento Valley farming systems
Diana Friedman et al.

Evaluation and performance of winter legume and legume/cereal mixtures under till and no-till management
Harold Gerletti

Effect of cover crop decomposition on soil microbial communities, nutrient cycling and suppressiveness to damping-off pathogens
Niklaus Grünwald et al.


Cover crops for weed control in vineyards
Clyde Elmore et al.

The effects of cover crops and compost on grapevine nutrition and growth
Donna Hirschfelt et al.

Influence of ground covers on vineyard predators and leafhoppers
Michael Costello and Kent Daane

Integrating cover crops into grapevine pest and nutrition management: The transition phase
Rachid Hanna et al.

Effects of orchard-floor management on stink bug pests of pistachio
Paul da Silva and Kent Daane

Leguminous cover-crop residues in orchard soils: Decomposition and fate of nitrogen
Alison M. Berry et al.

Evaluation of Medicago species as self reseeding cover crops for vineyards
Peter Christensen and Walter Graves

Orchard floor management to optimize pear fruit finish
Glenn McGourty

Soil-building with cover crops in California almond orchards
Lonnie Hendricks

Apple tree nutrition as related to cover crop and fertilization management
Roland Meyer and Paul Vossen


Economic consideration for cover crops
Karen Klonsky

Cover crop education project
Ann Mayse and David Chaney

Grower comments from citrus cover crop field meeting
Nick Sakovich and Ben Faber

Cover crop biology: A mini-review
Robert Bugg