Cover Crop Research and Education Summaries 1997-1999

These papers were presented at the UC Cover Crop Workgroup meeting held on April 13th, 1999.

Evaluation of Late-Summer Cover Crops in the SAFS Rotation
Pio Rosell, Peter Brostrom and Steve Temple

Winter Legume Cover Crop Research at LTRAS
R.F. Denison, M.E. Jimenez, A.M. McGuire, R.F. Norris, H. Hasegawa, and D.C. Bryant

Fall Planted Cover Crops May Improve Tomato Yields
Gene Miyao and Paul Robins

Cover Crop Use in Vegetable Production in the Southern California Deserts
Chad Hutchinson and Milt McGiffen

Coachella Valley Cover Crop Research

Jose Aguiar, Jeff Ehlers, Walt Graves, Bill Matthews, Phil Roberts, Vince Samons

New Cover Crops for California
Fred Thomas

Annual Legume Tests of New Medics, Subterranean Clovers, and other Trifolium Species

Fred Thomas

Effects of Cover Crops on a Vineyard Ecosystem in the Northern San Joaquin Valley
Chuck Ingels, Desley Whisson, and Terry Prichard

Lemon Orchard Mulch and Cover Crop Trial Progress Report
Ben Faber