1999 Grants for Educational Events

[14 grants (27 events); $15,767]

Educational grants are awarded to individuals and organizations to conduct workshops, field days, and other instructional events related to sustainable agriculture. Fourteen grants were awarded to support 27different events or programs around the state. For more information about a particular event call the telephone number listed or use the email listed.

Sierra Cantor, Sotoyome Resource Conservation District, Mary Kimball, Yolo Resource Conservation District.$1,000. "Sonoma/Marin County Farming, Agriculture and Resource Management for Sustainability (FARMS) Program." Dates: Seven field days/meetings, January-May 1999. Location: Farms TBA. (707) 569-1448 (Cantor), sotorcd@sonic.net ; (530) 662-2037 ext. 121(Kimball), mckimball@ucdavis.edu

Deborah Giraud, UC Cooperative Extension Humboldt County, Cynthia Chason, Food for People, Inc. $900."Community Food Security…Access for All." Date: 1-day workshop Apr. 23, 1999. Location: Humboldt County Agricultural Center, Eureka.(707) 445-7351 (Giraud), ddgiraud@ucdavis.edu ; (707) 445-3166 (Chason).

William Huber, Hyampom Valley Growers Association, Trinity County Resource Conversation and Development. $947. "Marketing Your Agricultural Product." Date: 1-day workshop on a Saturday in early March 1999 TBA. Location: Hyampom Community Center. (530) 628-5128 (Huber).

Chuck Ingels, UC Cooperative Extension Sacramento County.$500. "Cover Cropping in Vineyards: Experimental Results and Species Demonstration." Date: 1-day workshop Apr. 14, 1999. Location: Deer Creek Vineyard, Sacramento County. (916) 875-6913 (Ingels), caingels@ucdavis.edu

Roger Ingram, UC Cooperative Extension, Placer/Nevada counties, David Pratt, UC Cooperative Extension Napa/Solano counties. $1000. "The California Grazing Academy." Date: 3-day workshop, late April-early May 1999. Location: UC Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center. (530) 889-7385 (Ingram), rsingram@ucdavis.edu ;(707) 421-6790 #7, dwpratt@ucdavis.edu

Stephanie Larson, UC Cooperative Extension Sonoma/Marin counties, Dayna Ghiradelli, UC Cooperative Extension, Sonoma/Marin counties. $1000. "Balancing Agricultural Viability with State and Federal Water and Habitat Regulations." Date: 1-day meeting, January or February 1999, TBA. Location: Petaluma. (707) 527-2621 (both),slarson@ucdavis.edu , dgwilson@ucdavis.edu

Richard Molinar, Michael Yang, UC Cooperative Extension Fresno County. $920. "Annual Strawberry Growers Meeting." Date: 1-day meeting, Feb. 28, 1999. Location: UC Cooperative Extension office, Fresno. (209) 456-7555 (both), rhmolinar@ucdavis.edu

Katy Pye, Yolo County Resource Conservation District, Paul Robins, Yolo County Resource Conservation District, Community Alliance with Family Farmers. $1,000."Bring Farm Edges Back to Life!" Dates: Five 2-hour field workshops in January, February, March, November, December 1999 TBA. Locations: Yolo County and surrounding areas. (530)662-2037 ext. 3 (both), topquail@yolorcd.ca.gov (Pye), rednatives@hotmail.com (Robins). [Funds contributed by International Tree Crops Institute.]

Judith Redmond, Reggie Knox, Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF). $2,000.Lighthouse Farm Network Education Events. Dates: Two 2-hour meetings: "The Economics of Alternative Production Practices," Woodland, February 1999 TBA; "Food Safety Issues and Small Farms," Rancho Grande Restaurant, Watsonville, Sept. 21, 1999. (530)756-8518 ext. 13 (Redmond), caff@caff.org ; (831) 457-1007 (Knox), reggie@cruzio.com

Steve Schwartz, California FarmLink; Community Alliance with Family Farmers. $1,000. "Maintaining Sustainable Communities Through Effective Use of Easements and Estate Planning." Date: May 1999 TBA. Location: Santa Rosa. (916) 443-4225 (Schwartz), farmlink@tomatoweb.com

Lisa Woo Shanks, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Maxine Durney, Foundation for the Advancement of Environmental Education, Council of Bay Area Resource Conservation Districts. $1,000. "Horses and Water Quality Protection: Outreach to the San Francisco Bay Area Horse Community." Dates: Three seminars in November 1999 TBA. Locations: North Bay (Petaluma/Novato/Nicasio), East Bay (Livermore/Walnut Creek), South Bay(Woodside/Half Moon Bay) TBA. (707) 794-8692 ext. 123(Shanks), Lisa. Shanks@ca.usda.gov ; (707) 762-2983 (Durney).

Rodney Tripp, Society of Range Management (Calif. section), Sheila Barry, Alameda County Resource Conservation District, Joyce James, UC Elkus Youth Ranch. $1,000. "California Range and Natural Resources Camp." Date: 6-day camp, June 14-19, 1999.Location: UC Elkus Youth Ranch, Half Moon Bay. (510) 287-2022 (Tripp),(925-371-0154 ext. 41 (Barry).

Sabrina Walker, Project YE’ES (Youth Economic Education Stability) Community Education Center, Ann Marie Kennedy, YE’ES Urban Garden Program. $1,000. "Digging Toward the Future: Youth Urban Agriculture Conference." Date: Apr. 3, 1999.Location: Grant High School, Sacramento. Community Education Center (530)752-7956.

Lynn Young, Ken Dickerson, Committee for Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, CALFED Bay-Delta Program, CAL/EPA IWMB. $2,500. "1999 Regional Sustainable Agriculture Conferences and Farm Tours." Dates/Locations: Modesto/Field Crops/Orchards/Vineyards, Feb. 26-27, 1999; Watsonville/Strawberries, March 3, 1999; Salinas/Cool-Season Vegetables, March 17, 1999; Sonoma, Modesto/Livestock/Dairy, Spring 1999. (831) 763-2111 , csaefc@csa-efc.org