New video lecture from Tom Tomich on global agroecology

by Aubrey White — last modified Mar 15, 2013 09:50 AM

In 2012, ASI Director Tom Tomich co-authored an article with ASI Affiliated faculty members and UC Davis faculty about Agroecology from a global perspective in the Annual Reviews and Environment and Resources.

The Annual Reviews has added a video lecture from Tom as a way to share more broadly the messages of this article. In this video lecture, he discusses the agricultural challenges brought on by a world population that could surpass nine billion individuals by 2050, as well as water scarcity, climate change, pests, nitrogen prices, and geopolitical factors. An important question will be how to feed nine billion people and do it in a sustainable way. He stresses the importance of approaching agroecology from an scientific perspective, integrated across disciplines, from economic and social sciences to entomology and genomics.


The entire article can be found here
(though access may require a subscription).

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