May 12

May 2010 Documents for Stakeholder Advisory Committee Review

by spogburn — last modified May 12, 2010 01:20 PM

On this page we have posted a document for review by members of the California Nitrogen Assessment Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

You may post your comments directly on this page by clicking the "add comment" button on the bottom left of this posting.

The document is five pages long. It consists of:

  1. A conceptual framework of how nitrogen fits into an ecosystem services model in California;
  2. A document that explains what a mass balance is and how the assessment team is calculating a mass balance for nitrogen in California. The creation of a mass balance aims to answer the question: What are the flows of nitrogen into and out of California?;
  3. A table to accompany the mass balance explanation;
  4. A graphic of nitrogen flows in California to accompany the mass balance explanation.

Download the document below (you may right click and "save as" to download directly to your computer):

Once you have read through the conceptual framework and mass balance documents, you may make comments by logging in to this page and posting your comments. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

Please e-mail Colin Bishop at if you have any questions.