Ecological Garden


The Ecological Garden is a half-acre garden of flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, vines, insectary plants, chickens, worm bins and compost piles used for teaching ecological horticulture and related topics.

The garden ecosystem mimics natural ecosystems in many ways, thus providing students, grade school children and adult visitors numerous opportunities to learn about fundamental biological and ecological processes and how we can manage the garden to be productive, attractive and environmentally sound.

Certain areas of the Ecological Garden are devoted to specific concepts such as culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetable and fruit prodution, seed saving, native xeriscape plantings, and butterfly/insectary plants. The Ecological Garden also the site for many of the activities of the School Gardening Program.   Ecogarden

For more information about opportunities in the ecological garden or the School Gardening Program, contact Carol Hillhouse at (530) 752-7033 or, or click here for internship opportunities.Ecological Garden map