Internships and Volunteer Positions

Students in Field

The best way to learn about internship and volunteer opportunities at the Student Farm is to attend one of our Introductory Tours.  These are typically offered at the beginning and middle of each quarter.  They give you a chance to see the whole farm and talk with us about what would work for you. 

Our next introductory tours are scheduled for:

Tuesday, May 5, 10:00 am

Wednesday, May 6, 2:10 pm

Thursday, May 7, 11:00 am

All tours start from the front entrance of Bowley Science Center near the Ecological Garden (see map on our Contact page) and last about 45 minutes.

Interns and Volunteers

The Student Farm offers a wide range of opportunities for students to learn and explore, including internships, volunteer positions, and formal courses

 "Interns" are students who receive academic credit (1 or more units) for their activities;
"Volunteers" do not receive academic credit for their activities.

General and Specialized Internships

The Student Farm offers two broad types of internships:

General internships allow students to gain experience in the activities and methods used in an area of the Farm.

Specialized internships typically involve taking on specific focused responsibilities (e.g., Green House or Worm Compost Management internships) or taking on a specific project that needs to be done (e.g., build or repair something). Most students need to complete one or more quarters of general internship before being ready to do a specialized internship.

The most advanced type of internships are independent projects (e.g., grow a specific crop, start something new). These require that a student already possess significant knowledge, skills and experience in the internship area. All specialized internships require discussion and planning with Student Farm staff before the internship can be approved.

Student Farm projects that host interns and volunteers

Most Student Farm interns and volunteers participate in one of the following projects, but there are many other opportunities for students to participate in the Student Farm. Let us know if you have an idea!

The Ecological Garden - a half-acre garden of flowers, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, fruit trees, vines and insectary plants used for teaching ecological horticulture, seed saving and related topics. Hours of operation: Ecological Garden work schedules change from quarter to quarter based upon staff and students. Consult staff for details.  Click here for Ecological Garden internships.

Market Garden - a seven acre section of the farm where students learn about small scale, organic vegetable production and marketing. Produce from the Market Garden is sold through our CSA (community supported agriculture) program, Student Harvests and to UC Davis Dining Services, the ASUCD Coffee House, and the UC Davis Farmers Market. Hours of operation: Market Garden interns and volunteers can work in the garden between 8 and 12, M – F.  Click here for Market Garden internships.

Shop and Vineyard Crew - an opportunity for students to gain experience in general farm operations, such as operating and maintaining farm equipment, vineyard management, irrigation and farm construction. Hours of operation: Vineyard internships are offered in Winter and Spring quarters only. Shop internships occur during Winter quarter. 

Click here for Shop and Vineyard internships.

The School Gardening Program - a program that provides hundreds of students with a hands-on tour of the demonstration garden each spring. UC Davis students lead the tours after receiving training during winter quarter. Click here for more information on the School Gardening Program.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Farm Volunteer or Intern, or would like more information about these opportunities, fill out the “Student Farm Intern and Volunteer Interest Form.”