Workshops and Trainings for Educators in Garden-based Education and Farm-to-School

At the Student Farm, we offer workshops for both professional and nonprofessional educators, including parent volunteers, administrators, Cooperative Extension personnel and others.  In the workshops, we provide hands-on training and resources for establishing successful school gardens, using garden environments for effective teaching, enhancing the connections between gardens and good nutrition, and reinforcing the role of agriculture in our food system.

The UC Davis Children's Garden is currently co-hosting a series of workshops co-hosted with Life Lab, the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego, and the California State Department of Education, to be scheduled throughout Fall 2012 and 2013.

2012-2013 Workshops

Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden (CSYSG): These workshops focus on the nuts and bolts of developing school gardens, and provide educators with the tools to integrate gardens into academic curricula.  Additionally, workshops provide information on how to plan for long term success of gardens and how to integrate gardens into greater community-building efforts. 

Alongside CSYSG workshops, we offer "Train the Trainer" workshops, focusing on how trainees can host their own workshops and increase the capacity in their region for school garden development.  

Please visit Life Lab's website for registration information and upcoming workshop dates. 

Resources on creating and sustaining school gardens are available through the California School Garden Network.

Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education (GENE):  The GENE workshop is for California educators interested in using existing school gardens to enhance nutrition education for children and youth. In this FREE workshop, we will share:

  • activities and tips for making nutrition education hands-on, edible, engaging and effective
  • tips for eating from the garden
  • crop planning information for an edible harvest
  • strategies for implementing GENE programs

Activities will be drawn from curricula for grades K-7, and can be adapted for grades 8-12.

Resources about Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education and more information on the workshops available through Life Lab. 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: A Centerpiece for a Healthy School:  This is a two-part series that offers information, resources, and technical assistance in an interactive format and covers such topics as nutrition education, connecting to local farmers, educating in the school garden, composting, and more.  These workshops are free of charge, and are open to adult professionals working to improve the health and well being of students and their parents. Register here for workshops in October and November 2012.  The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables workshops are hosted by the UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.  

Shaping Health Impressions through Nutrition and Exercise (SHINE): Hosted in collaboration with the California Department of Education, these workshops focus on garden design and garden-based activities for preschoolers and preschool educators.  Information and registration on these workshops is available through the Department of Education.

 Funding for school garden workshops is provided by the California Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Grant