Organic Marketing and Economics

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Market Summary (PDF 26.9 KB)
Factors underlying demand, demographics, market segments, marketing channels, export markets.

USDA Economic Research Service Organic Farming and Marketing Briefing Room

Organic Marketing Resources (PDF 691 KB)
ATTRA. Practical information on marketing organic products.

A Statistical Picture of California's Organic Agriculture 1995-1998 (PDF 680k)

Statistics on Organic Agriculture [Washington]

Organic Farming Cost and Return Studies [California]

A number of cost studies for organically grown products are available through the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Davis. The studies were coordinated by UC Davis Extension economist Karen Klonsky, in collaboration with organic growers and industry representatives, UC Cooperative Extension farm advisors, and other researchers and specialists. Each publication contains an overview of production practices (covering such topics as cover crops, crop rotation and diversification, pest management, marketing and regulations for organic production), and sample budgets for producing the crop (includes costs per acre by operation, costs per acre by inputs, monthly cash costs, investment and business overhead, profitability ranging analysis).

Current titles include (PDF):

Other cost studies are available on the ARE Web site at:
These publications are also available in selected University of California Cooperative Extension offices.