Phase 1: Countywide Food Systems Studies

During the initial phase of this project, numerous interviews with food system stakeholders were conducted and data were collected to develop an overall snapshot of the food system in three California counties. Many farmers, policymakers, educators, and community organizers shared their time and expertise over the course of this research. The results are found in the reports above. In each report, the county's food system is analyzed and the most significant trends identified. In general, the food system is described from three angles: agricultural production, distribution, and consumption. Within each section three questions are posed:

  1. What are the trends?
  2. Why are these trends occurring?
  3. Why are these trends important for the food system?

For example, in the section on agricultural production, the most significant trends in agricultural acreage, the number of farms, and farmland preservation and their impact on the food system are discussed. Many charts, maps, and photos contribute to each section.

County Reports available (PDF):