Green Worm

Allolobophora chlorotica (Savigny) (Lumbricidae)

  • Palaearctic origin
  • Color varies from green to yellow, pink, or gray
  • 30-70 x 3-5 mm
  • Found in a wide range of soil types, mainly on wet, highly organic or polluted sites
  • Endogeic, largely geophagous
  • Matures at 120-130 days
  • Lives 447-587 days
  • 25-27 cocoons per worm per year, 1 hatchling per cocoon
  • Casting and mating occur beneath the soil
  • Facultative diapause
  • Sluggish; rolls into spiral when disturbed
  • Believed unpalatable to many fish

Green worm (Allolobophora chlorotica) is an endogeic, geophagous earthworm that often inhabits heavy, poorly drained soils.

Photograph by Suzanne Paisley.